Site rules

1.1. This agreement governs the relationship between the administration of the website (hereinafter referred to as the administration of the website) and the user of this website.

Definition of terms used in the "Site Rules".

2.1. Site administration. Employees authorized to operate the website on behalf of the organization. 2.1.2. A website user (hereinafter referred to as a user) is a person who accesses a website via the Internet and uses this website.

2.2. The terms below have the following meanings in this Agreement:

Purpose of the agreement

3.1. The subject of this agreement is to provide the user with access to information on the site, as well as other types of services (services) sold on the pages of the site.

3.1.1. All existing (actually functioning) services (services) are subject to this Agreement on the Website, as well as to any subsequent changes and additional services (Services) displayed on the future Website.

3.1.2. The site provides the user with the following types of services (services):

free access to electronic content, with the right to (download), view content;

access to search tools and site navigation; enable the user to send messages, comments, user reviews, evaluate the content of the site;

3.2. Access to the site is provided free of charge.

Rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. The site administration has the right to:

4.1.1. Restrict access to the Site if the user violates the terms of this agreement.

4.1.2. To change the terms of use of the website, as well as to change the content of this website. Changes come into force from the moment the new version of the agreement is published on the website.

4.2. The user has the right to:

4.2.1. Access to use the website after completing the registration requirements.

4.2.2. Take advantage of all the services available on the site.

4.3. The site user undertakes:

4.3.1. At the request of the site administration, provide additional information that is directly related to the services provided by this site.

4.3.2. Please remember the property and non-property rights of authors and other copyright holders when using the Website.

4.3.3. Do not take any action that could be considered to disrupt the normal operation of the website.

4.3.4. Do not distribute confidential and protected information about individuals or legal entities using the Site.

4.3.5. Avoid any actions that violate the confidentiality of the protected information.

4.3.6. Do not use the Site to distribute advertising information, except with the consent of the Site Administration.

4.3.7. Do not use the services on the site for the following purposes:

4.3.7. 1. publish content that is illegal, violates the rights of third parties; promotes violence, cruelty, hatred and (or) discrimination for racial, ethnic, gender, religious, social, reasons; contains false information and (or) insults to specific individuals, organizations, authorities.

4.3.7. Misleading characteristics and characteristics of any service.

4.3.7. 3. violation of the rights of minors and (or) causing harm to them in any form.

4.3.7. 4. violation of minority rights.

4.3.7. 5. Introduce yourself to another person or representative of an organization and / or community without sufficient rights. 4.4. The user is prohibited from:

The site is prohibited:

4.4.1. Disrupt the normal functioning of the site;

4.4.2. Use all devices, programs, procedures, algorithms and methods, automated devices or equivalent manual processes to access, purchase, copy or track the content of the Website;

4.4.3. Bypass the navigation structure of the website in any way in order to obtain or attempt to obtain information, documents or materials in any way that is not specifically provided by the services on this website;

4.4.4. Unauthorized access to the functions of the website, other systems or networks associated with this website, as well as to all services offered on the website;

4.4.5. Violation of the security or authentication of the website or any network associated with the website.

4.4.6. Do a reverse search, trace, or try to trace information about another user of the site.